Chiropractic Black Sheep
I have helped hundreds of Chiropractors achieve the practice of their dreams.  And I’m confident that I can help you too.

So who am I and why should you care?  

I started my practice from

Within 4 months I was seeing over 300 patients a week and in 6 months I hired my first associate.  I hired my second associate at the 8 month mark. 

I built my practice on fee for service, not box on wall or let’s make a deal chiropractic, not that there’s anything wrong with those methods if that’s what you want, but I can tell you that you do not have to do it those ways.  You can be paid a fair fee for each adjustment that you give.

I built one of the largest practices in the United States at our top week seeing over 970 fee for service visits.  I never hit my goal of over 1,000 but looking back it didn’t really matter.  I won’t get in to my financials but you can do the math.

I spent 7 years traveling monthly throughout the United States and Europe teaching philosophy, CA training, Office procedure and motivation.  I have spoken in nearly every state.  

So why is it that many of you may not have heard of me?  

I had dropped out of the speaking scene for over 10 years.  Actually I spoke about three to four times per year upon request during that time, but for the most part I just simply dropped out. 

I never dropped out of chiropractic of course.  i have been in the trenches for over twenty years in practice and I continue to see over 300 a week myself not including what my associates see.  

If you’d like to hang out and talk chiropractic then join the forum.

Hope to hear from you!
There’s always one in the bunch...